Executive Selection


What is Executive Selection?

Executive Selection is a combination of advertising, networking and database review.

The advertising captures those “passive” or newly active candidates whereas the database and networking draws on our history in this particular specialisation.

By combining candidates from these two sources, we are confident of producing a high calibre shortlist of candidates who meet your brief.

Our Selection Process

The Executive Recruitment Selection methodology will include the following steps:

Advertising and Collating Response 

We will handle the strategic placement of appropriately worded press advertising as well as a targeted internet advertising campaign. We then take response from all media and ensure all interested and qualified candidates are screened and then encouraged to apply.

Database and Network Review

We will review our coded database of candidates who meet your specification and then consider them versus the applicants from the advertisement. We will also utilise our personal networks to uncover other suitable prospects.

Short List

Following our initial interviews, we will report to you on our progress and findings, and agree on a selection of people to be interviewed by you.

Arrange Client Interviews and Debriefs

We will arrange the interviews between you and the selected candidates at your convenience and follow up each candidate after the interview to debrief. In that debrief, their level of interest in the role is ascertained and any concerns that they may have are addressed.


We see this as the most important area in the recruitment process. We will negotiate the offer to the successful candidate and provide resignation advice. All unsuccessful candidates will be managed appropriately.


Follow-up calls with both client and candidate at the one, two, three and six month marks. This is critical as any concerns can be raised and addressed before becoming serious issues.