Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruitment Consultancy


Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruitment

Talent Development is a premiere Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruitment Consultancy, providing Recruitment solutions to the Middle East region.

Established in Oman, our founders have been recruiting and enhancing the landscape of Human Resources in the region since 1991.

We work with organisations as a trusted partner to identify, attract and hire the very best talent based on their requirements.

As a privately owned / operated, fully licensed SME, boutique Talent Acquisition and Executive Selection Recruitment Consultancy, we understand the need to be flexible for our clients as well as optimising their talent acquisition capability.

Our team adhere to a strict process and utilise state of the art tools to identify mobile talent that are looking to make a positive contribution to your; vacancy, department & business. Our reputation is about quality, service and understanding your business requirements.